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This project is essentially a piece of self-care art made out of necessity with really the only intended audience of myself. It's a short interactive narrative about communicating with the player's internal dialogue in the face of a painful thoughts.

Cool Features:

  • Low Fidelity Visuals

  • Atmospheric Score

  • Player Name Taken Into Account

  • Self Destruct Ending When Run as Administrator

This game jam project is an FMV nightmare produced in the midst of a quarantine.

Cool Features:

  • It's all Full Motion Videos

  • VFX is On Display

  • I (Rudy) wore a dress.

This Halloween game jam project asked the question, "Is the Devil a decent dad?"

Cool Features:

  • Randomized Level Generation

  • CRT Aesthetic

  • Platforming & Spanking

Here's an interview I gave on an upcoming project called Ningún Sombra. It's currently in development, and won't be out for quite sometime.

Temporal Recovery

This game sets the players as explorers from the future sent to recover three pieces of technology that have been scattered within a Medieval kingdom. Trying to do as little damage to history as possible, the player must survive a gauntlet of archers and swordsmen with only a  simple stun ray.

Cool Features:

  • Player stealth with hay bales

  • Live Map

  • Engaging Enemies

Stage Mage

This game has players exploring navigating interpretations of theater stages as a magician that's managed to steal an actual magic wand from some evil mages. Now the player must navigate through multiple stages to steal the evil society of mages' most powerful possession, the amulet of life.



-Movement, WASD

-Shoot Basic Magic, LMB

-Shoot Ice Magic, RMB (After Unlock)

-Multi Jump, LMB (After Unlock, Must Shoot at Player to Activate)


Cool Features:

  • Multiple Levels

  • Multiple Abilities

  • Unique Traversal

Worst Pies in London

This game is an asymmetric cooperative action platformer in which one player takes control of a mouse, navigating the level to pick up all the pieces of pie. The other player puts their Asteroid skills to the test as the defend their rodent partner by blasting away any rival critters that come their way.

Cool Features:

  • Local Co-Op

  • Multiple Enemy Types

  • Constant Threat

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