Past Video Content

Here's Some Videos I Edited and Directed

2 Boys Touring 2020 Boston - Rudy Plays Modded Fallout 4

My good friend Ryan and I decided to make a Let's Play video together. What unfolded was a beautiful mess of seeing what would make Let's Plays more engaging over long terms. My solution was the most cursed and vaguely relevant live action commercials I could think of.

It was a fun opportunity, and we have more planned in the works.

Mark Flores Feat. Young Tek - OMG

Mark Flores reached out again for another music video.

This time I went in an 80's VHS direction with it and cut together some popular commercials that aired in Mexico then masked them into the song's title, "OMG". I rendered out the keyed out text video, duplicated the layer and gave it simple audio reaction. From there it was a matter of blurring and sizing properly. I also enjoyed finding footage of oil paint kaleidoscope and color correcting it's hues in conjunction with the music to give it a hallucinogenic effect as it overlayed the waves footage. Strangely enough, I did the intro last, and made an attempt at replicating the primers to many VHS tapes with the sans serif text and blue background alongside a blurb about the film being modified.

Trapped- Mark Flores (Music Video)

Mark Flores reached out to me and asked to develop a music video for one of his tracks.

The video pulls from an old film found of the internet archive and subjects it abnormal chromatic keying alongside particle effects produce interesting visuals.

While I did get to attempt to replicate the Iconic title text in Yung Bae's bad boy music video, the main focus for this project was getting a strong cut. Although I admit, as with most of my editing, it all came down to serendipity. 


Next Time I See  You - Hideout (FMV)

This is a video about conversing with oneself. Departing from the film look, this project jumped a decade into the mid 90's VHS craze.

I wanted to see what it would look like to key something through a mirror and once again bent the laws of reality and good form to test what could and couldn't be keyed. Who knew you could key skin?


I also utilized lighting gels in combination with some nice quality sketch effects to really make a fun time of things.


Bae City Rollaz - Yung Bae (FMV)

This followup culmination of visual effect experiments comes together to once again explore different aspects of depression to the beat of a bop.

The visuals attempt to replicate traditional aged film aesthetics while pushing what's possible to key without a green screen. There's an old blogpost on this site that dives into much more detail.

See You Around - Hideout (FMV)

This video began as a personal VFX challenge based on the original music video to the song, See You Around by the band Hideout. During development, I considered the possibilities of keying my form rather then the background and eventually directed the project towards analyzing my mental health via an exploration of emotional states I'd rarely shared in public.


The video also features archival footage and audio of an early graphic designer explaining their craft and the emotions behind it. It only felt fitting to also experiment with classic film and VHS aesthetics through scratches, grading, and transitions.

Valentine's Day Ruckus

I wrote, directed, and edited this silent short film, featuring two friends fight over a girl.

Let's Learn: Episode 1

I created this video as a final project for my Social Justice for Game Development course. It covers systemic racism's appearance within games, and the fallout that pours into the Let's Play community. It released May, 2017. I didn't expect I'd have a much harsher example of PewdiePie dropping the N-word, or all the nonsense that's happened within the industry and society in general.

Solar Reviews: Kidnap

This is the first episode of a movie review format tested for UTDTV.

Solar Reviews:

Make Love, Not Star Wars

This is the second episode from the Solar Game Reviews series from UTDTV. I Wrote, directed, and edited the first two episodes. I like how this video turned out, but I'm still embarrassed to watch it sometimes.